The next generation of high performance lighting systems has arrived. Pro Comp Explorer lights are designed for the off-road enthusiast who demands the best. After nearly 20 years as a premier source of off road lights, Pro Comp is again lighting your path with the most advance lighting systems ever offered.

New LEDs and HIDs join the existing line-up of dependable halogen lights to provide a broad selection from which to choose. These new lights feature state-of-the-art construction and industry-leading features to handle extreme off-road abuse without a flicker.

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Explorer Lighting Photos

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Heat Sink

Optics are used to project the maximum amount of light possible. Each unit has an array of strategically placed reflectors that are finely tuned to focus the light where you need it most.

Lens The clear Lexan polycarbonate lens provides unbreakable protection in the harshest environments without distortion of light. This is the same technology used to make airplane canopies and bulletproof windows.

IP68 These lights will not be affected by water, mud, snow, dust or sand. Environmentally sealed connectors with an IP68 rating are easily attached to the wiring harness for a tight connection.

Heat Sink Aluminum heat sinks keep the high powered LEDs cooler for longer lasting performance and brighter output. Heat is transferred from the circuit board to the heat sinks where more air can pass over the structure for optimum cooling.



A spot beam is perfect for illuminating the horizon directly in front of you. Explorer Lighting ‘Spot’ lights, produce a tighter, more intense beam of light to see objects and potential hazards lying in your path. This style of light beam is ideal for driving on unpaved roads with plenty of long, straight sections and is commonly used in the go-fast racing scene.


Flood lights are designed to open up the angle of light emitted from the bulb, providing a wide light pattern extending out both horizontally and vertically. These are great when driving through dense bush or challenging terrain as they maximize your ability to see the obstacles around you, and highlight a clear path without any unseen surprises.


Explorer Lighting offers a range of LED lights outfitted with both spot and flood beams. This provides an efficient solution to achieving the best of both worlds. Although HID and Halogen lights can only be bought as spot or flood beams, when purchasing multiple lights for your vehicle, we recommend combining spot and flood together to achieve this ‘combo’ result.


Lumens is the measure of total light (luminous flux) the off-road lamp produces without regard to the direction of the lamp or terrain. Generally, the higher the number, the brighter the light. Brighter lights allow you to see more on the trails during the night, when you need it the most.


The European IP (Ingress Protection) rating system is the accepted standard for measuring how well protected the product is from the elements. Pro Comp Explorer LEDs & HIDs IP68 rating is the highest rating available for both dust and water. This certifies them as waterproof-submersible to an unprecedented depth of 5 meters for 60 minutes.


Lux is the measurement of light intensity (which can also be called “illuminance” or “illumination”). As an example for reference purposes -one lux is equal to the illumination of a surface one meter away from a single candle. This is also known as the “throw” of the light.


Pro Comp uses the highest quality LEDs available. Cree 3W high output LEDs have a 50,000+ hour life span and produce an ultra bright light while drawing a fraction of the power required by a traditional halogen light. This puts less load on your electrical and charging system without sacrificing performance.

Adjustable Mounting

The HIDs feature an adjustable mounting system that utilizes interlocking splines for positive engagement that won’t come loose from vibration. This system provides a range of over 90? of adjustment. You can mount these lights on roofs, roof racks, bumpers, window mounts, and even sideways. Mouth them anyway you want, then get out there and use them with confidence.

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