Owner Frequently Asked Questions

If my vehicle is not brand new, can I still register for the Lift Shield Warranty?

Yes, as long as your vehicle is still within the 5 year / 60,000 mile range from the original in-service date.

Where do I register my vehicle for coverage in the Lift Shield Warranty Program?

There are several factors that determine eligibility for coverage in the Lift Shield Warranty Program, including vehicle age and current mileage. You can check to see if your specific vehicle is listed on the Qualifying Kits Page

Do I have a time limit to register my vehicle?

There is no specific time limit to register your vehicle in the Lift Shield Program, as long as your vehicle is still within the 5 year / 60,000 mile range from the original in-service date. However, should you need to file a claim, in order to process your claim as quickly as possible, you are strongly urged to register your vehicle within 30 days of having your lift installed by an Authorized Pro Comp Installer.

Where do I register my vehicle for coverage in the Lift Shield Warranty Program?

Fill out the Lift Shield Warranty Registration Form, or call (800) 776-0767, or email Lift Shield Administration at [email protected]

Assuming my vehicle is 2 years old with 20,000 miles on the odometer, what kind of coverage will I be receiving?

Lift Shield will cover your vehicle until you reach 5 years / 60,000 miles. Therefore, you will be covered for 3 years / 40,000 miles, whichever comes sooner.

What if my vehicle is equipped with suspension components that are not manufactured by Pro Comp like shocks, steering stabilizers, multiple shock kits and traction bars? Will my Lift Shield Warranty be approved

A Pro Comp Lift Shield qualifying kit in its entirety must be installed on the vehicle. Other suspension accessories can be added to the vehicle and it will not affect the validity of the Lift Shield Warranty.

I bought my qualifying kit online, am I still eligible to register for Lift Shield?

Absolutely, you just need to have the kit installed by an authorized Pro Comp Installer. You will be able to find your nearest location on the Authorized Pro Comp Installer Locator Page.

When did the Lift Shield Warranty program commence?

The Lift Shield Warranty was activated for customers back on August 1, 2012. If you bought a qualifying kit on, or after this date, you are eligible to activate a Lift Shield warranty.

How will I be notified when the Lift Shield Warranty is activated?

After you have registered, allow 2-3 weeks for the Lift Shield Administration to process your warranty. Once activated, your Lift Shield Warranty information will be mailed to the nominated address you entered in the registration form.

Who does the customer contact to file a claim with Lift Shield?

The customer will simply need to contact the Lift Shield Administration Office at 800-335-8769 or Pro Comp at 800-776-0767.

What if I have a claim made before I receive confirmation that my warranty has been activated?

Just call Pro Comp on 800-776-0767 and the team will be happy to help you.

How are the repairs paid for by Lift Shield?

The consumer is only required to pay a $100 deductible. Pro Comp Lift Shield will liaise directly with the repair facility to cover the parts, installation and labor charges.

How important is it that the kit is installed at an Authorized Installer?

It is critical that your qualifying lift kit is installed at an Authorized Installer. This is mandatory for registration to be approved. This makes sure the kit is installed by a professional installer, preventing any installation issues that may present itself if conducted by another non-authorized party.

How do I find an Authorized Installer near me?

We have a substantial list of Authorized Installers throughout the USA and Canada. Click here to review locations in your State or Province.

B2B Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become an Authorized Pro Comp Installer?

To become an Authorized Pro Comp Installer, Contact Us for more information.

How can I get Lift Shield marketing materials for my shop?

As long as you are already an Authorized Installer, you may request more materials from Pro Comp directly.

As an authorized installer, will I be listed on the Pro Comp website dealer locator?

Yes. Contact Us for more information.