What is FMVSS

The FMVSS 126 test evaluates and ensures that Pro Comp products do not compromise the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) systems that are government-mandated on all new vehicles. Unlike other manufacturers that have elected only to test their best selling kits, Pro Comp’s testing is performed on every new light truck and Jeep suspension kit released. 

On a closed test course in the Arizona desert, the Pro Comp-equipped vehicle is outfitted with a wide array of outriggers and sensors. A computer takes over at 50 mph and the robotically-controlled wheel is spun abruptly; left, right, up to 300 degrees in less than half a second and then back to dead center. The vehicle’s slide prompts the ESC system to activate and regain control. Data analysis conclusively proves that the Pro Comp products did not interfere with the performance of the ESC systems.