Pro Comp LED Fog Lights

Primary Features

  • DOT Approved: DOT SAE E-Mark Approved, be legal on the road
  • White Halo increases traffic safety and reduces the incidence of accidents
  • Fits bumpers with stock mounting pattern

from $199.99


Pro Comp's new LED Fog lights utilize unique styling and anti-flicker technology. LED fog lights produce up to 1080 raw lumens to cut through the night while on or off the road. The housings of these fog lights are a direct-fit to your factory fog light location with an easy plug-and-play installation. A rugged design that utilizes Polycarbonate lamp housings and a Solid-State luminaire for impact and vibration resistance help these lights to endure the harshest conditions during your off-road adventures. The electronics are sealed with an epoxy seal to avoid moisture and corrosion.