WHEEL CARE - CHROME, PAINTED, machined, Clear Coated & polished Wheels

Custom wheels are the single most added item to modify the look of your vehicle and add a distinct, custom appearance that you can enjoy for years to come. To help you protect your investment, here are our guidelines on how to best maintain the finish of your custom wheels while enjoying the look and performance of your wheels for many years to come.

  • Never wash wheels when hot! This may cause finish deterioration along with potential damage to brake rotors and drums.
  • Geographic climates can greatly affect the care needed for your custom wheels, particularly in hard winter environments. We recommend a more frequent cleaning routine to insure your wheels finish.
  • Always clean one wheel at a time and rinse thoroughly right after washing to prevent soap, cleaner or water buildup which will cause spotting on your wheel and could cause dulling of the finish over time.

Chrome Wheels

Chrome wheels add a distinct look to your vehicle and it’s important to maintain them so you’ll enjoy a brilliant finish for the life of the product. Clean your wheels regularly with a soft cloth or non-abrasive brush using soap and water or mild degreaser. Dry your wheels with a clean soft, non-abrasive towel. It is important to keep wheels clean, not allowing road grime, contaminants and brake dust (which retain moisture) to accumulate on the surface of the wheels. If you live in harsh winter climates, where chemicals and road salt are used for de-icing, increased regular cleaning becomes imperative to the life of your wheel’s finish. Periodical application of a non-abrasive polish applied with a soft cloth will help to prevent brake dust buildup on your wheels.



All of our painted and machined wheels are permanently coated with a protective clearcoat, which provides added protection to the finish and surfaces of the wheel. Clearcoated wheels should be cleaned regularly using a soft, non-abrasive towel or brush along soap and water. Periodic application of a non-abrasive, non-carnauba sealant or high quality wax will help to resist brake dust and buildup of contamination on the wheel.



Polished wheels are uncoated, bare metal wheels with no protective finish, and therefor require more maintenance than chrome, painted or clearcoated wheels. Oxidiation is normal over time but a regular routine of cleaning will extend the life and luster of your wheels. We recommend an application of a non-abrasive, non-carnauba sealant or high quality wax when the wheels are new to resist brake dust and buildup of contamination on the wheel. Only the use of a soft cloth is recommended to avoid causing fine scratches in your wheel. Cleaning products, such as power tool adaptable balls or pads may be used, but you must be sure they are non-abrasive and approved for the use on non-coated polished alumni wheels. We do not recommend the use of acid based cleaners as they can permanently stain or damage the finish of your wheels.