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Off Road Wish Lists: Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Off Road Wish Lists?

Pro Comp USA' Off Road Wish Lists tool offers a new and different way to go about shopping for your favorite 4x4 and off road parts.

Creating and editing lists is easy, allowing you to stay organized with your purchases while also taking advantage of a few, unique features

General benefits of Off Road Wish Lists include:

  • Create a savable shopping list
  • Shop easier for gift-giving occasions
  • Organize & compile a personal project
  • Share your list with friends and family

Also expect a number of other features and functions to be added to Off Road Wish Lists in the near future!

What types of lists can I create?

In truth, there is no limit to the type of list you want to create. With its easy-to-use interface, we strongly encourage you to use Off Road Wish Lists for all your shopping needs.

Here are a few list ideas to help get you started:

  • Everyday shopping needs
  • Personal project checklist
  • Concept vehicle creation
  • Birthday gift lists
  • Holidays and special events
  • Any desired occasion!

Is Off Road Wish Lists a Gift Registry?

Although not technically considered a gift registry, Off Road Wish Lists offer all the convenience and functionality of a gift registry, plus some excellent bonus features.

The best part about Off Road Wish Lists is the ability to be creative with your list-making. Even if you want to set up a gift registry for a wedding, Off Road Wish Lists can make it happen!

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How can I get started?

Creating and managing your own lists at the create-a-list page takes just seconds to get started.

The great part about Off Road Wish Lists is that you can whip up a temporary, computer-saved list in just minutes, with no need to disclose any personal information or submit any account information.

From there, creating an account to save your list from our database is also a simple process, while the ease-of-use of features such as sharing, sending, or modifying lists are pleasantly easy.

Can I create a list on behalf of another person or entity?

Thanks to the customization tools available in Off Road Wish Lists, list owners can create lists on behalf of another person or entity. That way, you can make sure to keep that surprise party a surprise!

What’s the difference between a public or private list?

A public list is searchable and available for viewing by anyone who wishes to browse our general list database. Use this to your advantage by comparing shopping lists and 4x4 projects within our list community!

A private list allows you to designate who you want to view your list by way of a unique List ID number. Provide this number to whomever you wish to see your list; otherwise, your list will remain strictly confidential.

How long will my created list be available?

Without creating an account, all lists remain in your browser’s cookie and continue to be available provided that the list continues to receive activity. Lists that are inactive for longer than two weeks are automatically deleted.

If you wish to save your list to our database permanently, creating a Wish List account with us takes just minutes, and will also allow you to view your lists from any computer.

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How do I find a list?

Lists can be found in our list database as long as they have been saved to an account and have been shared for public view.

For the time being, lists that are private are not searchable by any parameters aside from logging into the list owner’s account. Lists must be made public (using the “share list” option) in order to be searchable.

How do I refer others to my list?

The fastest and most accurate way to find a list is to have the list owner provide you with a unique list ID number that will instantly direct you to the list you wish to view.

Alternatively, all lists are searchable by name or e-mail address; however, the results of these searches may not be as accurate as entering the list ID number.

Regardless of how you wish to search, you may begin looking for your preferred list here.

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How do I add items to my list?

Thanks to our easy-to-use interface of Off Road Wish Lists, adding items to your list is just as easy as going about your regular shopping on our site.

Simply log into your Wish List account, browse our site for the products you want, and select the “Add to Wish List” option at the product page. It’s as easy as that!

How do I remove items from my list?

Log into your Wish List account and select the “Remove” option next to the item you wish to delete and your list will be updated.

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How do I update my account and list information?

By logging into your list account, just select the option to "update list information" or "update account information" accordingly, and you will be allowed to make changes as needed. All changes posted to your account should be saved immediately.