Pro Comp PRO-X Shock Absorbers

Primary Features

  • 2 body diameter
  • Smooth black finish
  • Twin tube construction
  • Nitrogen stabilized
  • Velocity sensitive valving
  • 1-3/8" nylon banded piston
  • 5/8" chrome hardened shaft
  • Optional shock boots sold separately
  • On-road and light off-road"

from $59.99


The Pro Comp PRO-X Twin Tube Shocks offer good damping performance and are intended for vehicles that see a lot of paved roads with the occasional off-road adventure. They feature a high-quality general-purpose twin tube design and are offered in extended lengths to accommodate lifted trucks. With 10 stage velocity sensitive valving, the shock accomodates various road conditions while improving your vehicles handling characteristics. The large 5/8 inch chrome hardened piston rod and unique Teflon rebound stop delivers a comfortable highway ride and the ability to handle the most demanding driving conditions.